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"I am sad to see Tom and Brendan leave us. However, I wish them well in the next chapters of their careers. They embody the values of HKS: Character, Purpose & Relationship. I hope we find ways to collaborate with them on future projects as we, the architecture community, collectively rise to build a better world for tomorrow.”


– Dan Noble, President,
Chairman & CEO, HKS

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We are a knowledgeable, personable, and talented company that strives to be genuinely creative and innovative. 

Dunnigan Sprinkle Architects Inc. was founded by Tom Sprinkle and Brendan Dunnigan on the belief that the command of Architecture at the highest levels can be brought to all projects regardless of size, program, or use. As former partners at one of the largest Architectural firms in the world, we bridge a global mindset and wealth of complex program experience with a boutique level of service and distinctive touch to create an offering that is rare in the world of Architecture.  

We have calling cards that few firms can match in breadth of experience coupled with a customer service attitude that views clients as partners and team members as collaborators. We are proud of our accomplishments working on large, complex project types within a multi-disciplinary environment. This experience defines who we are and who we want to be. Dunnigan Sprinkle blends our global perspective and large-firm experience with a deep knowledge of the profession and a desire to do things differently. 

We honor our commitments and strive to have simple agreements based on trust, clarity, and purpose. Our hard-fought reputation for integrity, design talent, and responsibility to the communities in which we work allows us to solve problems and create solutions that help drive solid financial performance.  

We value our daily connections in this industry, and treat everyone with respect, transparency, honesty, and civility.  

All projects are journeys; we strive to focus on the destination while enjoying the path each project takes. Dunnigan Sprinkle treats each project as an opportunity to lead by example to make the world a better place environmentally, socially and economically. We strive to be an influential firm, partnering with like-minded clients to create, to question, to surprise, and to prosper. Our team is creative, responsive, and has a depth of experience that sees things from a distinct perspective that understands where hidden value lies. 

It is our love of the process that allows us to create meaningful experiences that connects distinctive design with a true expression of culture, program, and team personality. Each projects’ needs, goals, challenges, and our client’s character are blended with our talents, influence our approach, and bring extraordinary results.  

Brendan Dunnigan  &  Thomas Sprinkle

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