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Vantage – CADA site 21 

Location: Sacramento, CA  Client: Cresleigh Homes 

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The Capital Area Development Authority, CADA, held a design competition to determine which developer would be allowed purchase the site for a set price of $2 million.  A higher offer was not allowed.  The design aesthetics would be the deciding factor.  The design by Tom Sprinkle with support from the HKS team won. The project is 160,000 sf, 90 units with 35 parking stalls and residential amenities..  


Vantage Condominiums is the last undeveloped site fronting the Sacramento Capitol Mall, a 40-acre park surrounding the California State Capitol Building. The proposed residential high-rise derives its design inspiration from the immediate context (materiality, color, and proportions of the Capitol Building and Senator Hotel) and city history (aesthetics of railroad bridges and pioneer towns), reinterpreting them with a thoroughly modern sensibility and employing progressive materials and methods. As such, the design becomes a platform to encourage and promote sentiment and memory for the inhabitants of the building. 
Tom Sprinkle and Brendan Dunnigan were Design Principal and PIC respectively for the Vantage project while at HKS Architects, Inc. 

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